Sitemap - 2024 - Vancouver Needs More Housing

Image of the day: 3D zoning map

Vancouver is allowing multiplexes in Kitsilano and Shaughnessy, but not following provincial guidelines

We need excess capacity

Housing Happy Hour

Housing shortages across the rich world

Image of the day: poll on why housing is so expensive

Demographics and housing demand

Portland: construction costs and rents

Development charges in Ontario

Speaking notes for HUMA parliamentary committee

Image of the day: Texas vs. California

Another concrete strike appears on the way

Shrinkflation: Vancouver apartments are small because cost per square foot is high

130 West Broadway

Image of the day: downzoning in LA

Manville and Monkkonen on unwanted housing

Burlington cuts development charges on new housing

BC Conservatives on housing policy

Image of the day: renting vs. owning in the US

Calgary council approves infill housing policy

Vancouver missing housing completion targets

Oakville rejects four-plexes

Housing Happy Hour

Image of the day: mismatch between housing and jobs in southern California

Limit on work hours for international students

Oh the Urbanity!: Edmonton is leading on housing reform

Federal funding for social housing will be redirected from Ontario to municipalities

Globe editorial: "The build-more ethos is (finally) gaining political ground"

Image of the day: high-rise opponents seeking shade

Single-family zoning: reserving land for the rich

Minnesota: 60-day permitting decisions

Kitsilano Missing Midrise Walking Tour

University Endowment Lands: multiplexes and apartments

Image of the day: central Toronto neighbourhoods losing population

Exasperation and impatience vs. fear and complacency

Yes, housing can be cheaper

Vancouver staff report on provincial legislation

Housing Happy Hour

Image of the day: multiplex exclusions in the District of North Vancouver

Sydney: what if apartment buildings could be somewhat taller?

Federal budget 2024

Ontario housing legislation: Bill 185

The overall federal housing plan

Image of the day: 2022 rezoning applications

Austin: building more housing, rents falling

Water metering

Reducing the number of public hearings

Federal budget 2024 preview

Image of the day: change in Metro Vancouver households by income bracket, 2016-2021

BC: inclusionary zoning guidelines

Federal government ties $6B infrastructure funding to housing reforms

Tom Davidoff on "local democracy" resulting in housing scarcity

BC Budget 2024

Doug Ford, NIMBY

When Covid hit, housing scarcity spilled over

Population growth: from >1M to 350,000

All the lights are flashing red, all the sirens are going off

Image of the day: Coal Harbour Elementary School

Jake Anbinder on the 1970s shift to local control

Alain Bertaud on Vancouver

What do city councillors do all day?

Calgary: delaying tactic fails

Image of the day: multiplex applications in Vancouver

Blueprint for More and Better Housing

In January, San Francisco approved six homes

UCSF study: homeless people in California are from California

Slides from Thursday's talk

Image of the day: Vancouver vs. Paris

Oh the Urbanity!: Density follows demand

West Point Grey Safeway proposal, 450 market rentals, 115 non-market

Housing Accelerator update, week 25

A talk on housing

Image of the day: new apartment construction

Poilievre takes another swipe at Eby

Repost: What the cost bottleneck looks like

YIMBYtown slides

Housing Accelerator summary, week 24

Image of the day: housing permits in US cities

The growth debate in 1990

Ottawa matches funding for BC Builds

Housing Accelerator update, week 23

Image of the day: city of Vancouver vs. Metro

Texas: lots of supply is pushing down rents

BC Builds: middle-income public housing

Non-market housing

Housing Accelerator update, week 22

Image of the day: vacancy rates in the GTA

Cape Breton University and the international student cap

2024 pre-budget submission

$15B in new funding for social housing

Housing Accelerator update, week 21

Image of the day: vacancy rates in October 2023

Ontario colleges flooded the system

CityHallWatch on Reddit mobilization

Speaking notes for 2015 Main Street

Housing Accelerator update, week 20

Image of the day: land cost per square metre of floor space in Auckland

Marc Miller imposes province-wide caps on international student numbers

Speaking notes: Jericho Lands policy statement

2015 Main Street: a 25-storey rental building close to SkyTrain

Housing Accelerator update, week 19

Image of the day: housing starts by form

Why is housing so scarce and expensive?

Gradualism in the US

We need to fix the problem regardless of who's to blame

Housing Accelerator update, week 18

Image of the day: impact if Vancouver and Victoria adopt BC's multiplex policy

Harmonizing elevator regulations

Why are Vancouver's property taxes so low?

Homeowners fear change to their neighbourhood, not falling prices

Housing Accelerator update, week 17

Image of the day: outmigration from BC

The US homebuilding boom

Joseph Politano: price changes within US cities

What's happening in 2024