Who are you?

I’m a software developer based in Vancouver. I grew up in Burnaby, went to high school in Pitt Meadows, studied math and computer science at UBC, worked in Edmonton for about 10 years, moved back to Vancouver around 2000. I’m married, with two young-adult children. We live in a townhouse near Main and King Edward.

Like most people in Vancouver, I’m very concerned about housing being so scarce and expensive. There’s lots of people working on the problem, but it’s not necessarily easy to keep track of what’s going on, especially since municipal politics doesn’t get much coverage. I’m good at absorbing information quickly and summarizing it, so I thought I’d try to help get the word out about major housing decisions. I started this blog before the big decision on the Streamlining Rental Plan in November 2021.

I ran for Vancouver city council with Kennedy Stewart’s Forward Together party in October 2022. I didn’t win, but I’m planning to continue making the case for more housing.

What’s with the address?

Initially I started a Wordpress blog at morehousing.ca, with addresses like morehousing.ca/agenda. I wanted to keep the addresses short.

Later I moved everything to a Substack, but I didn’t want to break existing links, so I set up morehousing.ca to automatically redirect to Substack. If you go to morehousing.ca/agenda, it automatically redirects you to morehousing.substack.com/p/agenda.

If I broke something, please let me know!

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Housing is scarce and expensive, making us poorer.


Russil Wvong

I'm a software developer in Vancouver, Canada. Interests: climate, housing, international politics, zombies.