Sitemap - 2023 - Vancouver Needs More Housing

Globe: The rest of Canada should copy BC's housing policies

CBC "On the Coast" segment

Housing Accelerator update, week 15

Video: Metro Vancouver is a single job market

BC: more mass timber construction

Urban design aesthetics as an obstacle

Pre-approved designs

Housing Accelerator update, week 14

Image of the day: Kelowna fourplexes

Marc Miller: "The equivalent of puppy mills that are just churning out diplomas"

Fundraiser update

Speaking notes: reasons for optimism

Economic analysis of BC's multiplex and transit-oriented policies

Summary of BC's housing policies

Some war stories

BC considering single-stair design

Immigration and housing demand

Mon Dec 11: Social event at Hero's Welcome

Housing Accelerator update, week 12

Current approval process: slow, difficult, and expensive

Opinion: It's time for BC municipalities to unleash a flood of new housing supply

Forward Together / Greater Vancouver Food Bank fundraiser

West and Garlick: Upzoning New Zealand

Housing Accelerator update, week 11

Deny Sullivan: more pain on five-year mortgage renewals

Jagmeet Singh: no to market housing

The generational divide on housing

Two requests to Metro Vancouver Regional District

Housing Accelerator update, week 10

Allison Schertzer: conversation with a NIMBY

Speaking notes for Fraser and 17th rezoning

Wednesday's agenda: parking requirements, Shaughnessy apartments

Housing Accelerator update, week 9

BC's transit-oriented development policy

Doug Ford attacks federal Housing Accelerator agreements

What the cost bottleneck looks like

Fixing housing affordability in Vancouver

Housing Accelerator update, week 8

BC announces province-wide Small-Scale Multi-Unit policy

Opposition to a townhouse project in Saanich

Urbanism Vancouver podcast hosted by Helen Lui

Metro Van: Surrey, Burnaby, and Richmond vote to proceed with hikes to charges on new housing

Housing Accelerator news, week 7

Drop in residential land sales

District of North Van: Delbrook and Maplewood

Edmonton passes new zoning bylaw

Banning investors helps homebuyers but hurts renters

Housing Accelerator update: Quebec, Kitchener, Guelph, Burlington

Opposition to new housing in Oak Bay

Speaking notes: 6081-6083 Collingwood Place

Evan Siddall on the dangers of high home prices, pre-Covid

Edmonton's zoning bylaw renewal

Housing Accelerator: Hamilton, Mississauga, Halifax, Metro Vancouver

ABC announces housing strategy

Ford cancels Ontario Greenbelt removals

Why does Vancouver need to grow?

Housing Accelerator: Halifax, Mississauga, Vaughan

Speaking notes: Why we need more housing

Review of view-cone policies

Metro Vancouver board plans to hike development charges on new housing

Image of the day: Effects of Auckland upzoning

Wed Oct 4: Social event at Hero's Welcome

BC announces first housing targets

Sean Fraser asks Halifax to allow four storeys everywhere

Letter to Vancouver School Board trustees: What if the forecast for declining enrolment is wrong?

Bobo Eyrich: Don't look to multiplexes to resolve Vancouver's housing shortage

Video: Framing a house in one day in Japan

Developer gives up on building 22 units of social housing in the Downtown East Side

Vancouver passes weak multiplex policy

Federal plan to tackle the market housing shortage

Image of the day: scarcity drives up rents

Tomato plants in Moncton

Restrictive zoning and gentrification go hand in hand

Speaking notes for multiplex public hearing

VANA: Vancouver Area Neighbours Association

Image of the day: Metro Vancouver apartments

Port Moody: 2400 Clarke Street (Mary Anne's Place)

Ontario Greenbelt removals

Against defeatism: how more housing brings down rents

Image of the day: Change in Metro Vancouver households by income bracket

Video: Paige Saunders on apartment amenities

Ontario: municipal progress towards 10-year targets

Housing supply ideas from Desjardins

Rent control in BC

Image of the day: The Bay Area is another boomtown reluctant to build

Reforms to the international student program

Mike Moffatt: Canada's housing crisis demands a war-time effort

Elected officials and the civil service

Against defeatism

Image of the day: international students at Ontario colleges

Daycare near Douglas Park blocked by neighbours

The National Housing Accord

Video: Vancouver's Missing Middle Explained

Multiplexes in Victoria not economically viable

Image of the Day: European and North American land use

Speakers list for Fraser and 23rd rezoning, July 2019

Frances Bula on building a laneway house

Housing scarcity in Vancouver pushes up prices and rents in Surrey

Image of the day: Brentwood high-rises

What should BC's land-use rules look like?

Hawaii: governor suspends land-use regulations for one year

The downside of low property taxes

Making $70,000/year and not able to find a rental

Image of the day: housing starts and completions in Metro Vancouver

International students and rental demand

Off-arterial apartment buildings

Staff report on Vancouver multiplexes

Middle-class flats in Europe

Image of the day: Where housing is scarce and expensive, it's difficult to have kids

A condo is much less expensive than a detached house

Avi Barzelai on building permit requirements

University Endowment Lands

First United eviction survey

Walking tour this Sunday afternoon

Video: a NIMBY mascot in DC

Strong support for non-market housing

Speaking notes: False Creek North non-market housing

Vancouver multiplexes: density bonus fees announced

Andrew Sancton on development charges

Image of the day: Replacing single-detached houses with multiplexes in Portland

"A monstrosity of a six-storey building"

Mixed-income developments

Investing in real estate is risky

Image of the day: Estimated housing shortfall in Metro Vancouver

Why is housing in Vancouver so expensive?

Talking to homeowners

Zero-sum thinking

What's wrong with the "regional town centres" model?

Image of the day: G7 home prices vs. construction costs

Opposition to new housing in Mississauga

Update: CMHC raising premiums for multifamily housing because of IFRS 17

People want more space

Jericho Lands update

Image of the day: When prices go up and down, Vancouver housing supply doesn't respond

Speaking notes: 2325-2327 W 49th Ave

Vancouver School Board forecasts

Canadian policy: copying and gradualism

It doesn't have to be like this

Image of the day: Taxes on new housing

Calgary moves forward on housing task force recommendations

A debate over Auckland's 2016 upzoning

Yes, younger people do have it worse

The affordability objection

Image of the day: Crowding vs. density

BC's naughty list

Oh the Urbanity!: On shade and shadow

What's the plan to upgrade Vancouver's sewers?

Buying a rental building

Image of the day: Change in children by neighbourhood

Deciding which rezoning approvals to tackle first

The financialization diagnosis is wrong

Building less expensive family-size apartments

Image of the day: Expensive cities are forcing out college-educated workers

Community Amenity Contributions: an explainer

Video: Jenny Schuetz, author of "Fixer-Upper"

Speakers list for Arbutus and 8th social housing, June and July 2022

Surrey guarantees approval timelines

Image of the day: Ontario's share of population growth and housing starts

City of Toronto legalizes four-plexes

Appeal to self-interest rather than altruism

Densification helps first-time homebuyers without hurting long-time homeowners

Liberal grassroots choose affordable housing as top priority

Image of the day: Ontario's housing shortage

Prices reflect scarcity

Video: Oh the Urbanity! ranks urbanist North American cities

Tax increases on new housing are bad

Federal Liberals: we need both market and non-market housing

Image of the day: purpose-built market rental housing in Toronto

Housing Accelerator Fund: the details

Video: Delta mayor George Harvie supporting Ladner Village rental project

Supply constraints increased prices of apartment condos in Canadian cities (CMHC, December 2018)

Metro Vancouver regional plan

Image of the day: Younger people can't move out

Video: Uytae Lee on the Vancouver Special

Queenswood project in Ottawa

Parking requirements are costly

Crowding near the bottom of the housing ladder

Image of the day: Toronto is losing people

Video: Q&A with Ravi Kahlon, BC housing minister

Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation (Schleicher, 2017)

Complex-care housing

A mock Parliamentary debate

Oh the Urbanity!: A vacant lot in Scarborough

Fixes to the temporary foreign homebuyer ban

Updates to BC's housing plan

Optimism vs. pessimism

Image of the day: Rents and mortgage payments across Canada

Video: Nolan Gray in Vancouver

Overriding BC municipalities to allow more housing

Speakers list for 1805 Larch rezoning, December 2019

Matthew Yglesias on progress in California

Image of the day: Prices reflect scarcity

Pace of Change proposal

Student housing projects in BC

Trudeau announces Housing Accelerator Fund

How does Tokyo build so much housing?

Image of the day: young families leaving Toronto

Kits Point: 1000 Cypress St. vs. Senakw

Zak Vescera on Vancouver vs. Saskatoon

Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force report

The housing ladder

Image of the day: elastic vs. inelastic supply

False Creek North non-market housing

CBC on housing costs in 1988

Email to the city on proposed multiplex policy

BC Budget 2023

Image of the day: Affordability in 2003-2004

Mario Polese on housing in Montreal

Fighting inflation will slow homebuilding

Getting a better read on public opinion

Why is the floor space limit for four-plexes and six-plexes so restrictive?

Image of the day: Comparison of supply elasticity in different metro areas

Video: Economic viability of infill housing

Auckland: the 2016 upzoning worked

Simple pro forma for a multiplex

Image of the day: Homebuilding and prices

Rezoning approved for social housing on Grandview Highway South east of Nanaimo

Update on California's zoning holiday

Allowing 12-storey social housing projects

2023 federal budget submission

Image of the day: Vacancies and rents

Multiplex design concepts from Bryn Davidson

Victoria approves Missing Middle initiative

Fixed rezoning fees for smaller projects

Multiplex policy update from city staff

Image of the day: The Grand Bargain in Vancouver

Zoning holiday in California

Territoriality vs. "we live in a society"

BC: $500M for non-profits to acquire older, cheaper rentals

CMHC's 2022 rental market report