It's a shame that in that report by the city staff, they apparently didn't consider the most straightforward and low-hanging fruit proposal: to simply shift taxes slightly away from structures and onto land like how things used to be. The taxes changes over the last century ridding us of LVT changed the rate on land from 0% to 50% to 75% to 100%. We could start by taking one step in reverse, going down to 75%.

Was this an oversight that this wasn't considered in the report? Or was this not considered on purpose so as to make change seem like a bad idea? Maybe my tinfoil hat is restricting blood flow, but it strikes me as very similar to how the Liberals sunk electoral reform.

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Aug 2, 2023·edited Aug 2, 2023Author

Also see "How low taxes lead to high home prices in Vancouver, BC." Danny Oleksiuk, Sightline, 2022. https://www.sightline.org/2022/05/09/how-low-taxes-lead-to-high-home-prices-in-vancouver-bc/

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