This is the worst decision Vancouver council has ever made. Housing is a complex issue and this was a very 2 dimensional proposal that will cause a lot of immediate harm by displacing renters, and long term harm by creating expensive housing and further eroding the livability of a once great city. Shame.

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I'm always puzzled by comments that apartments are expensive. A single-family house in Vancouver is much, much more expensive. Living in a high-rise apartment is like taking the bus instead of driving your own car. A high-rise is big, but a lot of people can live there.

It's true that there's a lot of renters living in the older low-rise rental buildings near Broadway. 80% of those buildings are more than 50 years old, so even without the Broadway Plan, there's a real danger of mass redevelopment and renovictions. I wrote up a description of the renter protections in the plan: https://morehousing.ca/broadway-plan-protecting-renters

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