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Great write up! I'm sad that I missed the opportunity to write in myself.

A larger FSR would also help Vancouver's "shoebox" reputation.

On a tangent, I've recently been learning more about co-op housing due to some coverage in the media. I'd love to see an analysis by you some time as to what greater co-op housing would do housing affordability overall in greater Vancouver.

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks Josh! I'm sure there'll be more opportunities to weigh in on multiplexes, especially as we get closer to a final decision. I'm not expecting as much opposition as there usually is to high-rises and apartment buildings, but I'm sure there'll still be some.

Are there any particular articles about co-ops that caught your attention? Traditionally I think co-ops would receive capital or even operational funding from government, but it's also possible to create "co-housing" without government involvement. https://www.chf.bc.ca/resources/how-to-start-a-housing-co-op/ https://vancouversun.com/opinion/charles-montgomery-we-built-a-home-to-solve-some-of-the-greatest-challenges-of-our-times

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Very interesting! I'd love to see more private funding of Co-ops or even just a government initiative to encourage buildings like the one you linked to.

I think I originally read something on cbc, but after a little googling, I ended up watching this video: https://youtu.be/sKudSeqHSJk . It mentions that cities with high amounts of Coop housing have competitive rental markets, but didn't go into details. Vancouver is not other cities, we have plenty of complications (local and regional government, geography, social norms) that I don't really have a good grasp on how that would shape the impact of a significant increase in cooperative housing.

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