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You should timestamp link your talking section of the 6 hour video!

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Goodness, I'd love to live in a nice little apartment building like that! Congrats on the approval.

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Thank you for your hard work & dedication to improving the city for everyone. I've submitted a comment of support for the rezoning thanks to your Reddit post.

I'm copying the comment here for visibility:

Property ownership, having become an investment vehicle, has poisoned & divided our city.

Housing, like healthcare, should be for the good of our society, not individual wealth & profit.

As a city councillor, it is your duty to vote for what is best for the city as a whole, to protect & improve the society it houses.

Vote to reduce the cost of living.

To make the city more affordable.

To welcome a diverse population.

Vote to house more people.

Or we will vote to remove you as city councillor next election.

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You're doing the Lord's work, Russil! Good luck at the meeting

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