Came here from The Line, and thank-you for this, for your activism. I didn't know much about the Broadway thing, and you've made me a convert to it.

I was already a kind-of saracastic "supporter", in the sense that my own neighbourhood is about to be hit with a 5-year construction project none of us can touch because you can't NIMBY Metro Vancouver, it's NIMBY proof. And also, the project is in fact necessary and can't go anywhere else; I'm just pissed about 5-years to do 2-years of work.

( http://brander.ca/watertunnel/ )

Anyway, I declared to my wife, "We Hate all NIMBYs for the rest of our lives, because we didn't get any". We laughed, but we're kind of serious, too. Because most of Vancouver's space troubles come from "no density on my block".

Anyway, the Broadway project sounds like one of the better things we're doing lately, and we of course need a hundred of them, literally.

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Thanks Roy, I appreciate the support! And thanks for writing up the explanation of the water tunnel project - that sounds both fascinating (giant infrastructure projects are cool) and enormously irritating (living next to a construction site).

On the scarcity of housing, I think of the basic problem as a mismatch between jobs and housing. People move here because the jobs are here. But when it comes to new housing, we have a strong tendency towards caution and small-c conservatism, so whenever council approval is needed, there's always loud opposition.

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